REFOR provides top-class jewelry customization, top-class personality design, and collection level jewelry sales and other services. On the basis of ensuring high-end quality, REFOR provides customers with top-class fashion colored jewelry, and insists on building a first-class advisory team and service team, providing customers with all-round professional services of jewelry identification, cleaning and maintenance.

In order to provide a platform for high-end customers who love colored jewelry to communicate with each other and appreciate these colored treasures. REFOR has set up a jewelry club, which is elaborately made by top designers and display global collection of colored jewelry where colors of the world shine. REFOR jewelry club is only open to a small number of high-end color jewelry lovers, supplying investment collection, wearing and appreciation of high taste services for them. Therefore, being a member of REFOR jewelry club means a symbol of recognition and high-end identity for its senior lovers of colored jewelry.

REFOR jewelry will create the most classic eternal real goods for you with the most beautiful true source colored jewelry, the most sophisticated exquisite workmanship, the most cordial designing enthusiasm, the sincerest service and the most authentic brand spirit. REFOR believes that you can dominate the color of the world.

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