There are all sorts of flowers in Spring, moon in Autumn, cool wind in Summer, snow in Winter. The beauty of natural lies in her variety and more lies in her gorgeous color, red flowers, blue sky, bright moon and crystal water. They are all like a full bloom of life, conveying the interpretation of the most beautiful moment of pure love. However, flowers will fade, the sky will be cloudy, the moon will be dim and the water will be dirty. Only the colored jewel hidden in the rock formations can be treated the rarer, the more precious and the more eternal. In the fascinating kingdom of colored jewel, each color symbolizes something beautiful. For thousands of years, human beings prefer to put the beauty of nature on their body, which represents a kind of decoration, and something unique.

The ruby, known as the "stone of love", is the most precious of all the jewels in the Bible, symbolizing the passionate love, constancy and eternity. Rubies have been used as a symbol of marriage in European royal weddings. Four thousand years ago, the ancient Egyptians regarded emeralds as a symbol of eternal life and they often inlay the emeralds in the shape of a scarab amulet that is intended to bring good luck to the wearer and protect them from evil. Known as the "rainbow falling into the world by mistake", the tourmaline is not only famous in legends, but also used in real life. The beauty of it lies in its groovy colors and more importantly in its magical energy.

For the beauty of legend, nowadays, the staff of REFOR travelled through every high-quality colored jewels producing area on the earth just to give you all the uniqueness and then you can dominate the color of the world.

The search for the Kashmir sapphire above the snow line at the northwestern tip of the Himalayas is more than 5,000 meters above sea level; in Myanmar, the 15-foot-thick covering was stripped off and we stayed in the gem-bearing gravel looking for intense ruby; in Colombia of South America, it has undergone numerous geological changes to form the precious emeralds that ancient Egyptians regarded as a symbol of immortality; in Minangasca of Brazil, the gorgeous Paraiba tourmaline is as rare as the once-in-a-century Leonid Meteor Shower; in the Baltic sea, we looked for every layer of amber and chose the most beautiful crystal sea pearl; in the remote desert island with sultry Summer and cold Winter cold, the most beautiful color is hidden in the cliffs...

Not all colored jewels are regarded as precious ones. Not all precious jewels can become a treasure of the level of collector. In REFOR, the birth of each classic-level colored gemstone must pass the appraisal standard of colored jewels specified by experts and through the strict appraisal of the machine, we finally screen out the colored elves that meet the standard in color, clarity, weight and other aspects. Standing out from many colored jewels is only the first step in the rebirth of the top colored jewels. Various talented technologists in REFOR are responsible for the five steps of jewelry making: prototyping, molding, selection, inlay and polishing. Every work must be vetted by highly specialized technologists, including model craftsmen, goldsmiths, and jewelry directors.

According to the color and texture characteristics of each jewel, the jewelry designer elaborates on a piece of paper, giving each work its unique shape, shiny cuts, smooth arcs, top accessories and artistic styling. On the basis of traditional oriental aesthetics, new and sharp fashion elements are added. Designers take inspiration from flowers, ripples, sky, birds and other things so that each colored jewelry decorations turn to sway with different amorous feelings in the innovation of the shape, combining its own gorgeous colors. This seemingly peaceful creative process is integrated with the collision of design inspiration, repeated confirmation, operational evaluation and other parts. Usually, it takes designers, masons, marquetry and jewelers nearly 340 hours to create a luxury jewelry necklace, which will eventually be presented to the world in the most glorious posture in thousands of years.

We believe that only the colored jewelry of the collector level can blossom out the most honorable female charm. Compared with the time of tens of million years for forming a jewel, human’s life is only a moment. You may not be as good as him, but he is honored by you.

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