The brand design of REFOR jewelry originates from Italy, the birthplace of European Renaissance.

Italian jewelry can trace back to the ancient Etruscan period in southern Italy 3,000 years ago. Influenced and impacted by Roman empire, Egypt, Greece and Asian culture, Italian jewelry has a richer and diversified design. No matter it is elegant, classic, or contemporary extremely simple and modern, Italian jewelry always have a variety of design style and aesthetic feeling.

For REFOR, "Italian design" is the most important part to ensure the integrity of her brand, carrying "Italian design, workmanship, and culture passed down from generation to generation.”

Since the middle of the 19th century, Italy, the birthplace of the European Renaissance has become the center city of the world jewelry art and international jewelry trade.

The oldest and most famous institute of jewelry design in Europe makes Italy become a gathering place for the world's top jewelry designers.

REFOR jewelry takes Italy as the brand design center and inherits the essence of European classical jewelry art.

With modern fashion elements, these spirits are flowing with noble blood and shines with eternal glory from neck to neck.

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